He called

Over the few months between spitting in a cup for Ancestry and the call from my dad, there have been witnesses to this journey. Those that encouraged me to try Ancestry, those curious to hear the results, those who were just so fascinated by this bizarre story and then those who I shared what I was truly feeling.

I have known my bestie since we were five. We went to kindergarten together. She is composed, thoughtful, super smart, and very pretty. She has sisters and a loving family. She met her hubby when she was fifteen and they have been together ever since. They have two beautiful, perfect children. She has what I have always believed to be the “perfect life with the perfect family.” Her family has always welcomed me, they have included me and they have made me feel as if I belong.

My first call after hearing my dad’s voice was to my bestie. She knew my very real fears of rejection, she knew what I had experienced with the man who adopted me and she knew my true desire to one day have a real, Father.

Well, she was as stunned as I was but her encouragement and her steadiness was the stability I needed to continue moving forward. To take a risk, to book airline tickets to meet my Dad and to pick up the phone to call my mom.

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