In one of my earliest conversations with my dad he mentioned the power of owning land in Hawaii. He reiterated the age old paradox of having power when you own land. He talked about the importance of the family name and registering on the Hawaiian lands website. While Ancestry is highly accurate, the Department of Hawaii Lands seeks verification of paternity with a blood test. Easy, right? Not so much. Most paternity tests only utilize saliva samples. Every company I contacted were resistant to performing a blood test stating the saliva tests were as accurate. I also needed to find a company that would test in both Washington and Hawaii simultaneously. After several phone calls, multiple hours on the phone and $500, I found a company that could meet our needs!

I entered the clinic contracted to take my blood test. They were disorganized and couldn’t remember all of the steps that must occur to verify my paternity through a blood test. After what seemed like hours, okay it was really like twenty minutes, I was relocated to an exam room. It’s important to note, I had hoped to pick up my daughter from the bus stop that afternoon. My appointment was at 3 p.m., the bus dropped her off at 4 p.m. and the drive from the clinic to the bus stop was twenty minutes. In my mind, it was vial of blood. How much time should that take? The nurse taking my blood sample entered the room, looked at me and says, “I understand congratulations are in order.” I looked at her quizzically wondering what she was talking about. She went on to say I understand your expanding your family and you are expecting. Wait, what? Now, in the ten seconds I had to process I was thought…did my blood test reveal I am pregnant? Then reality hit and she hadn’t even taken my blood yet. I realized she thought I was in need of a paternity test to know who the father was for the baby I was carrying. Wow she thinks I look pregnant! There were some pretty big assumptions being being made by this woman. After the shock wore off I was able to respond with… “no I am the baby verifying my paternity.”

The results were returned stating my Dad and I were a 99.99% match!

#ancestry, #hawaii, #DNA, #adoption, #pineappleprincess360, #thisisreal

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