I Love You

I Love You. Three words with so much meaning.

One day after our first call, my dad shared that he had spoken to one of my brothers who had asked, “what does she want and what is she comfortable with when we meet?” I could tell the question had not occurred to my Dad. Fortunately for me, this wasn’t the first time I had met a new, instant family. I had learned from meeting my biological mom and her clan what was overwhelming, what didn’t work and what might be the best approach in this situation. We decided to meet for a picnic at the beach with just my new, immediate family.

As we hung up the phone, my Dad said to me, “I love you.” I didn’t know what to say. How could he love me? He doesn’t know me. I stuttered unsure what to say. Is this what real parental love looked like? Was it unconditional love because of a genetic bond or was this man just a truly incredible father? And, how was I lucky enough to be loved by him? Did I deserve this kind of love?

His response to my stutter.

Dad: “Did you hear me?”

Me: “Yes”

Dad: “I need you to respond”

Me: “I am not sure how to respond”

Dad: “You need to say it back. In our family we are love and we give love.”

This was also the first mention he made about his desire for me to take the family name.

Overwhelmed with emotion, I can see now that this was the moment when my heart began to open up to hope that I may be meeting the man who had been the missing link from my life. Perhaps he is the reason, the missing part of who I am, the last piece to belonging.

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