One photo

One photo. All I asked for was a photo of my high school graduation (well and I did also ask for a senior photo too). Instead I received text messages telling me she would copy photos and send them to me. I tried to explain I was scanning the photos and therefore, originals would be better. So, after 24 hours of asking and finally deciding this request (which I dreaded making in the first place) just wasn’t worth it I let it go. The answer to not needing any photos was being frozen out and then being sent a text saying, “text messages can be misunderstood and cause hurt feelings.” Exactly. But, we talk one or two times a year, coincidentally the same amount of time my adopted mom see’s her granddaughter. I finally received a response telling me a photo was in the mail.

Two days later my senior pictures (8 in total) arrived, in a matted frame. Hmm how will I remove the photo from the matte in order to scan it? Well I’m not going to do so without ripping the mat. I am able to gently maneuver around the mat freeing just one photo. I scanned the photo and prepared to send the photos back.

Is this a normal response? Does this seem like a strange reaction, or rather perhaps an over-reaction? It seems as though my adopted mom is holding on pictures of memories the way she wants to remember my childhood perhaps not what was happening behind the photo. I guess it’s clear why I feel so compelled to control my world. I learned from the master!

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