Three Brothers

aloha.JPGJune 22, 2018

We arrived on Hawaii yesterday and met my family for dinner tonight. It was wonderful to see everyone again and it felt a little more comfortable but it was still nerve-wracking. We were greeted with beautiful, fragrant smelling lei’s and kisses on our cheecks.

I noticed at dinner as my three brothers sat near one another how in sync they all were. They were handing babies over to each other seamlessly, lending a hand when needed and teasing each other with just a quick look or laugh. I felt again like an outsider. They were trying so very hard to show us we were included and an important part of the family but the family dynamics were unmissable.

This will get it easier. I know it will but it feels daunting right now.

#ancestry, #hawaii, #DNA, #adoption, #pineappleprincess360, #thisisreal

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