I can help

June 25, 2018

My brother currently serves in the Hawaii legislature. He is running for a higher office. He is a true public servant – he rings door bells everyday and he sign waves five days a week, each for several hours. He campaigns while serving as a current public official. He campaigns with a full-time working wife with management responsibilities. He campaigns with three children under the age of 8. He campaigns while his Dad discovers he has another child who is joining the family…now as the oldest child.

I admire so many qualities this brother exhibits – leadership, integrity, strength, intelligence, persistence, and a genuine love of Ohana (family + community).

Today, he trusted me enough to ask for my help. It was unexpected. I’m trying to demonstrate to him, through my actions, that he can rely on me. He can trust me. I won’t let him down. This brother is the key to the sibling pack and I’m going to take this step as a positive leap forward.

#ancestry, #hawaii, #DNA, #adoption, #pineappleprincess360, #thisisreal

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