My tour guide

June 26, 2018

One of my brothers touched my heart immediately. He is capable of eliciting joyful tears with just a few words via text. His thoughtful and meaningful messages began the morning after we met.

He began sending family pictures and serving as the family storyteller. He has ALWAYS been inclusive. He never uses words like “my dad” or “my family.” Rather, he introduces me to people through texts and pictures as my grandmother, or my uncle or our Dad. His messages haven’t been sent at a regular cadence but they are always a welcome gift bringing a big smile to my face when I see his name.

Today, he served as my tour guide. He showed me where he grew up, where my Dad played as a young boy, where he went to school. He continued to tell stories about our people and our history. He shared his hopes and dreams. It was such a gift to be in this moment with him.

To say I’m grateful for this connection just is not possibly a strong enough word to describe my immense feeling of thankfulness.

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