Barefoot Driving

June 29, 2018

The youngest brother of my Hawaiian sibling pack is introverted and quiet. Perhaps this is the inevitable result of being the youngest of three. I invited him to Happy Hour so I would have the opportunity to get to know him without the distractions of a large group.

So, here’s the evening started. I got into his truck and he was driving barefoot. I could not believe my eyes! No way. He must have flip flops on – he could not possibly be driving without shoes. I hate driving with shoes on my feet and my hubby hates that I take my shoes off when I drive.

I ask him, “are you driving without shoes?” He looks at me apologetically and says, “yeah, I don’t like wearing shoes when I drive.” I shrieked I can’t believe it! I hate wearing shoes when I drive! We are totally related! Instant connection!

My brother may be quiet but he see’s and hear’s everything. He is insightful and I suspect he plays a greater role in the family dynamics than he may let on to based on his quiet demeanor.

On our way back from Happy Hour he played me some of his music. He is an incredibly talented musician. He plays the guitar, the ukulele, and has a beautiful voice. Apparently this musical talent came from my Dad’s side but it skipped me! So not fair!

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