Our Hawaiian Names

June 30, 2018

My Dad has been talking about giving my daughter and I Hawaiian names since we first met. He has wanted this to be an important rite of passage into the family. Tonight, he hosted family for a naming ceremony. I knew I would be touched and moved by the names he and Auntie would chose for myself and my daughter. Yet, I underestimated how powerful being given a Hawaiian name would be for me.

My Hawaiian name is Kealohanui. The name is after my Dad and means, the love or the great love. It represents the first born and reflects I am my Dad’s daughter.

My daughter was given the Hawaiian name Kaleikaumaka. Her name means beloved child. The lei means like a child, a child embracing a grandparent. She was also given this name because of her gorgeous and striking eyes. The second part of the name denotes beautiful eyes.

Aunty provided an overview of the family ancestry after the ceremony but I had a difficult time focusing on the lesson while being so overwhelmed by the names chosen. I am grateful for this incredible connection and the opportunity to truly be part of a beautiful culture.

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