July 4, 2018


The 4th of July celebration of America’s freedom and independence was a very different experience in Hawaii. This state was a kingdom forcibly overrun by haole’s. While the demise of the kingdom occurred slowly overtime with the first missionaries offering to bring religion as salvation to the Hawaiians, the result was overturning the Hawaiian government. I wonder if they needed saving? The Hawaiian’s were naive and too open with their Aloha not seeing the ultimate motivations of the haole’s.

My Dad early on in our conversations told me that power was achieved through money and land. I didn’t connect with his message until I was here, until I learned more about what my people have experienced and the unjust that remains illusive to the Hawaiians.

With Tiki torches burning and the kids waving sparklers, my brothers and I discussed the Hawaiian movement toward sovereignty. They explained the history of this effort, now 125 years in the making. I understand the intent and I empathize with the unjust felt but I see no chance of sovereignty.

Today, we simply used the 4th of July as an excuse to get together but not to celebrate and honor an America that has yet to honor an authentic accounting of the Hawaiian history. While some of us are revolutionaries like my Dad, others see the cause as a lost battle before it begins. For me, I am becoming more and more eager to understand my culture and our history in order to advocate for what is right.

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