My Ali’i

July 9, 2018

We visited the Royal Hawaiian Mausoleum today. We were allowed to enter the crypt because of our family lineage. The caretaker used a very heavy, large, gold key to open the gates to enter the crypt where the Hawaiian Monarchy and the High Chiefs (Ali’i) were laid to rest. My Dad said a prayer before we walked into the crypt. Once inside this small, underground room he introduced us in Hawaiian using our full names.

It was a powerful moment to see our last name on the wall signifying our place in this culture’s history. My Dad’s reverence and respect towards these leaders was really moving. Had my daughter not launched into a litany of questions the peaceful moment would have been perfect. My daughter wanted to understand clearly how she was related and what her place in the monarchy…so she could tell her friends at school. Ugh! We had to have a conversation in the car about what we can learn from Papa when our mouths are closed and our ears are open!

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