Permission to hurt

July 12, 2018


I decided to share my hurt with my Dad and two of my brothers. I am hardly ever surprised. My brother, the one connected so closely to my heart, said it best. He shared that my three brothers had talked and they all agree I possess the best of each of them. He went on to add that he knows we didn’t grow up together but we are connected and a part of each other. He said, you belong with us. I was surprised.

I know my Dad feels guilty. He has taken a huge amount of responsibility for missing out on my life. He also wants to make it better and I can tell he has avoided having any tough conversations with me…especially ones about feelings. But I am beginning to allow myself permission it’s okay to hurt. It’s okay to mourn what we both missed and to be sad.

I can’t help but believe I may have finally found my place regardless of how long it has taken me to find my family.

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