See you soon

July 22, 2018

My Dad cried tonight. He wouldn’t say good-bye only that he would see me soon. He held on tightly telling me my family loved me, my brothers, my Auntys, my Uncles and my cousins and finally that he loved me. This very tall, large Hawaiian man cried telling how much I meant to him.

I walked from my Dad right into my brother’s embrace and cried more. My brother and his amazing wife spent the day accumulating foods and treats we had enjoyed while we were in Hawaii that we couldn’t find at home. He took the day off today to assemble a cooler for us to take on the airplane.

My other brother spent the morning with us at the beach taking a break from the campaign trail. He and his amazing wife were back on the trail this afternoon. Yet, they found time to bring my little family beautiful flower lei’s tonight to dinner.

My Aunty who flew home from New Zealand last night after visiting a terminal friend had time to pick up beaded lei’s that each meant something specific for our family. And, her dear friend who had helped me to incorporate the Hawaiian culture into our business model connected with her today to ensure she brought me a bottle of wine that coincidentally had our company name on the label.

The youngest brother was on vacation in Japan but I have no doubt he would have shown up with the same gifts of appreciation.

These people who didn’t even know I existed seven months ago have embraced me into their family and their hearts. Candidly, I don’t feel worthy of this kind of inclusive love. This incredible connection doesn’t feel deserved.

I have cried many tears today and I have no doubt there will be more tears on the journey home tomorrow. I really have no idea how to allow these wonderful people to love me and to feel worthy of this unconditional love.

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