I was recently reminded of the power of choices. We are constantly making choices from what to order at the coffee shop to who we want to spend our time with throughout the day.

My Dad had a choice to meet me in January. He had a choice as to whether or not he picked up the phone to call me. In hindsight, I really hadn’t consider that my Dad would actually choose not to meet me. But, he totally had a choice. No one would have ever known if he threw the letter away. I would never have known what I was missing out on by not getting to know he or his family. But, my Dad made the choice to “step up” as he says.

Choices are a powerful thread in my life. My parents, biological and adopted, each made choices. Most of them didn’t benefit me despite what many would say has been a successful life. It was my Dad that consciously made the choice to say yes to meeting me. Even my biological Mom when I reached out to her with a letter a decade ago didn’t say yes. Instead she gave signs through her letters that the timing wasn’t right. She was consumed with helping my sister and being a grandmother to her grandchildren. I can see the picture more clearly today. She felt a tremendous amount of guilt and she was afraid of how I would react. She was cautious.

I have to give my Dad the credit he truly deserves. Not only did he say yes but he quickly took ownership, only as a parent can, quickly including me in his family.

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