Tick Tock

July 17, 2018 My expectations were high for a month in Hawaii. I had planned on soaking up the sunshine, enjoying tropical drinks by the pool, time to reflect, to write, to reconnect with my husband and my daughter, and to get to know my Hawaiian family. After all, I had been through this process… Continue reading Tick Tock

My Ali’i

July 9, 2018 We visited the Royal Hawaiian Mausoleum today. We were allowed to enter the crypt because of our family lineage. The caretaker used a very heavy, large, gold key to open the gates to enter the crypt where the Hawaiian Monarchy and the High Chiefs (Ali'i) were laid to rest. My Dad said… Continue reading My Ali’i


July 4, 2018 The 4th of July celebration of America's freedom and independence was a very different experience in Hawaii. This state was a kingdom forcibly overrun by haole's. While the demise of the kingdom occurred slowly overtime with the first missionaries offering to bring religion as salvation to the Hawaiians, the result was overturning… Continue reading Sovereignty