Iolani Palace

June 27, 2018 We spent the day as tourists. We walked through the Iolani Palace and listened to the audio tour. The tour ends in the room where the last Queen, Lili'uokalni, was improsioned. It is a meaningful room and such a sad way for the demise of the Royal Monarchy. After spending time reading… Continue reading Iolani Palace

My tour guide

June 26, 2018 One of my brothers touched my heart immediately. He is capable of eliciting joyful tears with just a few words via text. His thoughtful and meaningful messages began the morning after we met. He began sending family pictures and serving as the family storyteller. He has ALWAYS been inclusive. He never uses… Continue reading My tour guide

Three Brothers

June 22, 2018 We arrived on Hawaii yesterday and met my family for dinner tonight. It was wonderful to see everyone again and it felt a little more comfortable but it was still nerve-wracking. We were greeted with beautiful, fragrant smelling lei's and kisses on our cheecks. I noticed at dinner as my three brothers… Continue reading Three Brothers